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Founded in 1985, Qihe Instrument is a factory engaging in manufacturing the bow, which is located in the ancient garden city Suzhou.

After over 20 years¡¯ experience, we become matured in material and manufacturing storage. We own a depot of 1,000 square meters, storing 800 thousand pieces of Brazil wood and 60 thousand pieces of pernumbuco. These materials undergo manual high temperature treatment and long natural drying to ensure high tension, sound flexibility and deformation resistance of the bow. We take each bow as an art piece. Therefore, we take manual working as the main means and mechanical working as the ancillary means. With a powerful technology team, a technician with more than 30 years¡¯ experience is with the team. The manufactured bow is refine, pure sound quality, high tension and rich expression. The exquisite manufacturing has become an industrial standard ruler in China.

Violin bow, viola bow, cello bow and bass bow including verities of small bows are manufactured by Qihe Instrument. We offer the bows for learning and the professionals. While keeping the traditional technology, the carbon fiber bow is researched and the ancient bows from Europe and America are copied. We contribute to the world music with our sincere heart.

             Add:Qihe Village Weitang Town Suzhou City Jiangsu China
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